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Daiva Stone-Kazakeviča

Daiva Stone Kazakeviča

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Odd Erik Marø

Owner and COB
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Graphic and web designer Santa Saksone

Santa Saksone

Graphic and web design
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Gundega Vīnšteina

Gundega Vīnšteina

Logistics specialist
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Madara Rautenberga

Purchasing specialist
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Vitauts Kazakevičs

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Daiva Stone-Kazakeviča

Erik Seminovs

Market director
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Dagnija Kāpiņa

ERP specialist
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Oskars Baltiņš

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Beatrise Zandberga

Beatrise Zandberga

3D Designer
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Lauris Rinmanis

Sales manager
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Ilga Ķuze

Sales manager
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Indra Jukāme

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Agnese Servude

Marketing & PR specialist
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Vita Pole

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About Us

As a manufacturing company, our history and tradition goes back to 1954. We process a large variety of materials from aluminium, plexi glas, leather, textile,
plastic, cardboard, paper and more. Everything with the best design and with your own print and graphics. 

Karlsberg provides the best solutions and choice of materials.

We offer help with product development, production and distribution. Our development team provides with 3D drawings, samples, and graphic files for all
kinds of printing.



Like many other the first days of Karlsberg AS was spent in diapers. Our very first product was in fact a bathinette for babies. It was invented by our founder Karl Marø, and was made from wood and canvas. After use it could be folded and stored away.

In 1954 the company applied for a registered design of a wallet and a small pouck for tobacco. The products was made from the pioneer that would change the world - plastic!

The 70’s started with Karlsberg moving into our own new factory. Finally we had room to expand and take up new techniques. With new machines we made stylish office products in PVC. Take a look at the pricelists, they were almost the same as today’s!

Do you remember the tractor-feed paper in endless lenghts? Karlsberg found a business putting everything into order and made a binder for tractor-feed paper by thousands. A practical product, but to be honest, nothing for design.

The 90’s started with the end of the PVC era and the introduction of a new production technique - lamination. Karlsberg started lamination of paper over board with all new techniques. Finally it was possible to make a product with a full color impression and what a lift this gave to our designs!

The year 2002 was a new beginning for us. The subsidiary SIA Karlsberg was founded in Saldus, Latvia . All machineries was moved to the new production centre. It was hard at the beginning, but it soon turned out to be the best solution for our very labor intense production.